Gold Silver Price: Gold price continues to fall, know today's new price

Gold and silver prices have been falling for the past few days.

This is a golden time for gold buyers.

As Navratri approaches, the fall in gold prices will show people's tendency to buy gold.

Today, 10 grams of gold for 22 carat is Rs 46,500 and for 24 carat is Rs 50,430.

So the rate of 10 grams of silver is 615 rupees.

Find out the price of 10 grams of gold for 24 carat in some important cities of the country.

Chennai - Rs 50,730 Delhi - Rs 50,350 Hyderabad - Rs.50,200 Kolkata - Rs 50,200

Lucknow - Rs 50,350 Mumbai - Rs 50,200 Nagpur - Rs 50,230 Pune - Rs 50,230

Hall marks are given by ISO (Indian Standard Organization) to identify the purity of gold