How much does Google earn per second?

Today Google has become a part of everyone's life. 

Sitting anywhere in any corner of the world, you can get the information you want through Google. 

Google has made human life easier but did you know? 

How much does google earn in a second? You will be shocked to hear.

Google is one of the oldest search engines. 

Since 1996, it has been known as Google. 

Today, Google is the world's largest and number one search engine.

Millions of people around the world search for something or the other on Google at the same time. 

But do you know how much Google earns per second? 

Google's earnings per second is around $807 which means this price is 59 thousand 607 rupees in Indian currency. 

That is, Google earns 35 lakh 76 thousand 420 rupees per minute.